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If you're planning to stay in New York City for 30 days or more, you've come to the right place. We're New York City's premier female housing community. Applying online is free, fast, and easy!
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Students can book for up to a year!
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We often partner with Education, and can extend specific discounts if applicable.
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{{answer_dZ4W}}, we aren't pulling your leg. We will send you an offer letter for this rate, upon your applications approval, no strings attached.

The cost to stay in {{hidden_roomtype}} from {{answer_53347158}} until {{answer_53347200}} is {{hidden_cosforstaywithdiscount}}

{{answer_dZ4W}}, we aren't pulling your leg. We will send you an offer letter for this rate, upon your applications approval, no strings attached.

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We want to get an idea if you are going to be traveling like a rockstar during your stay. It's to help us welcome you when you arrive, as well.
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It's not what we look at, it's what we see -- Emerson
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For starters, as you can tell, we love pink!
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We ask as so you get matched with other like-minded superheros
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If you do, please bring it along. We're always in need of some tech-savvy superwoman.

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Pink Dorms is the perfect place to call home when you are in New York City.
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Your number is so we can simply follow up with you. It's common here to treat people with respect, so no worries, the digits are fine.
Staying at Pink Dorms is very affordable compared to leasing. We're near everything in the city, and we even throw in free wifi.

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If you felt like this experience was sub-par and just want to give us a call, please do so at (212)123-4567

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